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Pet-Proof Your Yard with 5 Tips from a Pro Trainer Lawn & Garden

Pet-Proof Your Yard with 5 Tips from a Pro Trainer

The great outdoors is great for everyone, particularly your four-pawed pals. “The home can get boring for pets,” says trainer extraordinaire and Animal Planet star Victoria Stilwell, “so being outside is important for both physical exercise and stimulation of the senses, which lends emotional stability.” But with the fresh air also comes the potential for those cold,…

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How to make a Uncategorized

How to make a "futbolin"

& 34;Futbolin& 34; SuppliesDraw a soccer camp, the size is to big as you wantCut the court lines and add 4 tabs to close the court designDraw an small point on the half of two short tabs, and other two points one by side after half point, one point to the left and the other one to the rightCut the two short tabs and make like show you at pictureCreate two pieces like this, the size can be change, is depend size of your goalkeeper& 39;s zoneGoal front sideGoal back sideDraw 6 players (2 goalkeeper, 4 players)Put each player inside a bambu tick, 3 player by team, 2 offensive player in one tick and one player for a goalkeeper tickGoalkeeperCreate 8 tickguardPut each tickguard on the bambu ticksMake some details and finish!

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Renew a Wood Fence in Just 3 Steps How To's & Quick Tips

Renew a Wood Fence in Just 3 Steps

Do you have a flaking eyesore of a fence that plagues the perimeter of your property? While there are no shortcuts to a quality prep job, using the right tools and techniques greatly reduces the time it takes to get the work done. In just a weekend, you can refresh your weather-worn fence armed with…

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